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26, rue Antaki, Tangier, Morocco

History of the Building

Between the new modern constructions of Buildings, the Riad “Dar Omar Khayam”, stands proud and majestic in the center of the city of Tangier, witness to its rich historical past and its international and cultural influence. Since its construction at the end of the 19th century, the property has undergone various changes over time. First a church, it was transformed into a convalescent hospital for officers during the First World War before becoming a Jesuit school then a Convent during the Spanish colonization. It was only in the 1960s that it became private property and then a private mansion. Today, “Dar Omar Khayam” reveals all its charm, offering to the eyes of the many lovers of the city of Tangier as well as to tourists passing through Antaki Street, a real, much appreciated architectural surprise. Its green patio will quickly make you forget that you are in the city center; “Dar Omar Khayam” will seduce you. Strategically located in the heart of the new town and 50 meters from the beach between the Corniche and Boulevard Pasteur, this establishment with high added value is classified as a National Architectural Heritage. His name Omar al-Khayam in reference to the Persian poet and mathematician of the 12th century, is remembered by generations of artists from all backgrounds attracted by the light and beauty of the site of Tangier, muse and source of 'inspiration. Omar Khayam is the author of one of the most famous poetic works in the world, “The Robayat”.

Dar Omar Khayam