The City of Tangiers or Tanja in Arabic


International city due to its history, Tangiers is quite a marvel. Located at the northernmost tip of Africa on the Strait of Gibraltar, between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, Tangiers sits at the crossroad of several civilizations. Its strategic and unique geographical location explains the richness of its history. Locals speak several languages among which Spanish, French, English, Berber as well as Arabic; as a result, one feels at home. As soon as you arrive in Tangiers, the city will cast its spell on you with its souks, medina, beaches, international and traditional restaurants, and many historical and cultural attractions. The family owned hotel staff will welcome you and are ready to guide you to the most hidden treasures the city offers. With our undivided attention and assistance, you will be able to plan a memorable trip in Tangiers and in its outskirts. As we say in Moroccan, “Marhaba (Welcome) to “Dar Omar Khayam.”